Looking for a piece that can hold up to everyday wear, get better with time and continue to make a statement? This is what you've been looking for. Each watchband bracelet features a dymanic handpicked stone set in either sterling or jeweler's brass. These stones also come with a handcut leather band made personally in my studio.


1/2" Leather Watchband Style Bracelet. 


Cripple Creek Jasper Cabochon

Approx. 1" x 1"



Hand cut leather band


Hand made bezel cup, fabricated with sterling silver and jewelers brass


Adjustable for small to large wrist size


Each piece is hand fabricated and a true one of a kind. Leather requires a break-in period to absorb oils and stretch properly. If your piece should ever need care, repair, or even a polish, please contact me.

Cripple Creek Jasper Watch Band


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